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Adults come to therapy for a multitude of reasons, from work stress or relationship problems, to unresolved trauma or complex mental health issues. CBT is a flexible treatment option that can be adapted and tailored to most of life’s problems, however challenging.

In my experience many adults have struggled with what brings them to the therapy room for months or even years before they take the step to come and try to unpick their problems and learn to see them in new ways. The journey of therapy may seem frightening, but with the right support it can be a positive experience, where you work as part of a team with your therapist to achieve your goals, find solutions and feel better in all aspects of life.

You can be sure that with many years of mental health and learning disability experience at WCPS, whatever you bring to therapy will be accepted, heard, and understood, and that moving forwards to a more hopeful future is possible.

The relationship with your therapist is central to successful outcomes, and thus the therapy begins with relationship building and getting to know and trust each other. For some, this may take time and in itself be a challenge, and that is fine.  When the relationship is strong, it enables us to work flexibly and in ways that are tailored to you as an individual. This means that you may find there are times as therapy progresses that you find yourself laughing through sessions, or being more creative in the way that we work together, and what action plans we agree on. The journey of therapy is not always easy, but at WCPS we do our best to make it as comfortable and positive as possible, so that therapy can become a truly positive part of your week. By the end of therapy you will be able to use your experience, new skills, strategies and core ideas to maintain your success long into the future.